Permanent Labels

There are a number of media types that fit this category, these may be broken down in to printable materials and Industrial printed tags : 

Printable ( May be printed on using a standard label printer and a good quality resin ribbon ) these materials offer a good quality adhesive that will get harder over time. It is advisable to place these labels out of the reach of idle hands  as they can be pulled off after adhesion either in pieces or in a strip.


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Silver Void labels: These labels are included in this section as they are often asked for by asset controllers. We wish to point out that this medium is not designed for this purpose and is often incorrectly sold for asset tracking purposes. The labels work well enough as an asset label, but when removed, leaves the word 'void'. This is of no help in the asset tracking world, but well suited when the manufacturer of a product wishes to enforce a warranty. (removing the label voids the warrenty of an item)

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